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What can Patriot Golf do for your tournament?  We provide fundraising opportunities, on course entertainment and an interactive par  4 and par 5 challenge.  Patriot Golf Texas has the #1 Air Cannon in Texas for Safety, Distance, Accuracy, and Pricing.


Describe the Air Cannon?  The new Pro Pneumatic Golf Ball Launcher is an all metal design for safety and meets insurance requirements. It has a custom aluminum air blast valve and custom pistol grip. The stainless steel air chamber make for quiter launches and increases headwind performance and adds capacity for the 48 inch barrel and increases the range up to 500 yards.

How much are your fees?   We have a flat fee of $7 per player entered in the tournament. A $700 minimum for smaller tournaments.  Our travel fee is $100 per hour from outside the DFW area. Payment is due the day of the tournament.


What does Patriot Golf provide?  ​We provide a pop-up canopy and table on the assigned hole. We ask you to reserve a golf cart for us for the day.


How do you raise funds?   Option 1 is $100 for the team and lay 0 at the shot. Option 2 is getting a sponsor and let the team shoot at no charge. Option 3 is including the shot in the mulligan/super ticket package.





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