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What can Patriot Golf do for your tournament?  We provide fundraising opportunities, on course entertainment and an interactive par 3, par 4 and par 5 challenge.


How far does it launch the ball?   The new Pro Pneumatic Golf Ball Launcher launches the ball up to 500 yards. 

How much are your fees?   We have a flat fee of $7 per player entered in the tournament. A $700 minimum for smaller tournaments.  Our travel fee is $100 per hour from outside the DFW area. Payment is due the day of the tournament.


What does Patriot Golf provide?  ​We provide a pop-up canopy and table on the assigned hole. We ask you to reserve a golf cart for us for the day.


How do you raise funds?   Option 1 is $100 for the team and lay 0 at the shot. Option 2 is getting a sponsor and let the team shoot at no charge. Option 3 is including the shot in the mulligan/super ticket package.





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